D-Jeneration Music Services was created in 2012 to give clients what they want and need.  We are a small family business that loves the concept of making people happy and giving them the best possible service in the music industry.  We have been in the music industry as experience goes for 20 years.  With high demand for disc jockeys to play more than just music and make the event truly memorable is what our company is all about.  

Our company has new and fresh ideas to make each event we DJ memorable and unforgettable. We have very competitive pricing, excellent service, and we are always an hour early to set up before the show starts.  What we have learned with experience in this industry as a viewer and as a DJ, is that most companies lack the passion and desire to give clients the best service possible.  Satisfaction is our main goal and to make every single event memorable. With D-Jeneration Music Services, you will get the best price and the best service to come along with it!

A little more about myself and why I am the right person

- President of D-Jeneration Music Services who has over 20 years of experience in being a professional Disc Jockey.  
- Has DJ'd more than one hundred weddings, birthdays, graduations, corporate events, holiday parties and other special requested events.
-  Has a passion for making music an artistry by alternating beats and rhythms to the client's satisfaction, and understands what the client wants and needs.